Why You Need IV Therapy For Your Bachelor’s or Bachelorette party

Bridesmaids and bride having fun at bachelorette party

You are with your best friends having the greatest of weekends celebrating a bachelor’s or bachelorette party before one of you gets hitched.

Perhaps it’s your first party in a long time, or perhaps going on a bachelor and bachelorette trip has become a norm for you with many trips under your belt.

Be that as it may, you may well be aware that you will need recovery relief from the activities partaken in during the bachelor or bachelorette’s trip.

A weekend dedicated to celebrating a friend before their wedding can be physically or mentally demanding on your body. So months of preparation go into making this trip one of the best weekends to have with your friends.

The best men and maids of honor have lost sleep on occasions to plan this unforgettable trip. To help keep all those memories and make the best of the trip while staying healthy and invigorated.

What do we offer?

We offer the convenience of IV hydration therapy and an oxygen bar at your convenience.

You will be serviced in our well-maintained and decorated sprinter van. There you will enjoy air conditioning, movies or sporting events and music.

We will travel to various activities around the state or to your location to treat you. You will be treated by one of our highly qualified nurses. 

What is IV Therapy?

First up, IV therapy or intravenous therapy or “inside the vein” is a technique that delivers fluids directly into the vein through a tube called a cannula.  

IV therapy is the fastest way to deliver fluids, electrolytes, and medication into the bloodstream, and it works fast because it skips past the digestion process.

How is IV Therapy Administered?

One of our licensed nurses will place a small, thin tube called a catheter into your vein. Next, our nurses will clean the skin with alcohol and insert a small, thin plastic tube called a catheter directly into your vein.

The needle will then be removed, and the catheter will stay in place. Next, a tube will connect the catheter to the bag filled with fluids, and the drip you have selected will be given. This process will take 30-45 minutes. 

Who may benefit from IV Therapy? 

Everyone can benefit from intravenous therapy. Bachelorette and bachelor parties are significantly associated with flowing drinks; it is a constant feature for such occasions.

It is pretty easy for ‘one more drink’ to turn into a couple more when you are having a great time, and the next thing you know, you are setting yourself up for a hangover.

Ready to HyJuvenate?

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Have a fun afternoon with your friend squad! Invite 14 of your closest friends to…
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