Are You Dehydrated

So thirsty.

Dehydration has been defined by many as the dangerous loss of water from the body.

Your body is easily dehydrated because it contains 60% of water.

Fluids are lost when we experience heat, engage in physical activity such as running or evening walking. 

People who suffer from vomiting, flu, and diarrhea even lose more fluids.

Symptoms of Dehydration

Usually, the first symptom felt in dehydration is thirst. However, if the lost fluids are not replaced, the body will begin to compensate.

The client may experience increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, or decreased urinary output.

Commons Symptoms of dehydration

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Dark yellow and strong-smelling pee
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • Feeling tired
  • Dry mouth, lips, and eyes
  • Urinating little

More severe symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Seizure

If the fluid lost is not regained, a person’s health may quickly deteriorate, and that’s where IV therapy comes in.

IV Therapy replenishes the lost water and keeps you hydrated. IV Therapy also prevents hangovers.

You get two benefits for the price of one!

Ready to HyJuvenate?

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Only have 15 minutes and need a quick pick me up!! Choose this IV therapy…
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Includes a blend of IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and medications to help you quickly recover…
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For a pre-workout infusion. Includes a mix of IV fluids, electrolytes and vitamins to help…
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Perfect for HANGOVER relief. Includes a blend of IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and medications to…
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When you’re just feeling drained. Includes IV fluids for quick hydration leaving you feeling recharged…
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Myer’s Cocktails have been used to treat fatigue, acute muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, respiratory infections and…
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